Sell simulator time and simulator courses

Are you representing a simulator operator with unused simulator time or a training provider offering simulator courses?

Sell your excess capacity and your simulator courses at AviSim Marketplace and boost your revenue.








Increase your revenue

It is estimated that, by selling unused simulator capacity, the average simulator operator could increase yearly revenue by 6.0M€.

Pay only for what you sell

We won't lock you into any longterm obligations or subscription fees. At AviSim you only pay once you have actually sold something.

Global customer access

Using our marketplace you can reach airlines, training organizations, flight schools and individual pilots from all over the world.


Key Features:

>   You only pay for what you actually sell (Commission fee 3.7%)

>   You decide who to accept and reject

>   No subscriptions or long term obligations

>   Use your own terms and conditions

>   You invoice the buyers