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Airline Simulator Assessment, Preparation and Re-validation

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A320 Simulator training with Aviation Insider

Aviation Insider was developed out of a need for good, honest and reasonably priced career preparation. Everything is provided by pilots; the only people who know the profession and most importantly how it feels to go through the airline recruitment process. We understand the industry and its challenges, but more importantly, we know you and understand the pressures you face.

Our trainers and instructors have detailed knowledge of the current professional pilot market and airline training footprint. Prepare yourself with our airline simulator assessments, upgrade your ATPL or revalidate your license.

Airline Insider can provide you with the following training:

  • Aviation Insider Airline Assessment Simulator Preparation
  • License Revalidation LPC,OPC
  • ATPL Unfreezing / upgrade
  • Command Preparation
  • Simulator refresher training


Aviation Insider Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation

Our professional, one-to-one A320 simulator assessment preparation sessions are designed to give you the best possible chance of passing the simulator check and getting the job. We are here to help you and give you all the support you need to prepare. Our Airline Assessment Preparation Sessions have been created to be as close to your real assessment experience as possible.

At Aviation Insider we can also help you with you Type Rating Question Banks, Revision Flashcards, Revision Notes for all 14 ATPL subjects, Simulator Assessment Guides, Interview and CV preparation and Grading and Assessments.




Whats included?

All Aviation Insider Airline Preparation simulators provided come with:

  • Airline specific briefing material
  • 1-hour briefing
  • Full Motion Simulator session
  • Comprehensive debrief
  • Free access to online assessment guides




The A320 simulator

This Airbus A320 Level D Full Flight Simulator is located at our Burgess Hill Training Centre, the device is Airbus standard 1.3.2 and was built by CAE. The simulator is complete with a MaxVue 3 channel, 180-degree visual system.

The simulator is operated 16-20 hours a day in blocks of 4 hours however less than 4-hour blocks may be booked on request. General availability is less than 50%.



Accommodation and Location

There are local hotels and B&Bs in the area details of which can be advised upon request.


Simulator address:

Victoria Gardens, Burgess Hill

RH15 9NB

United Kingdom





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