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The A320 simulator

Ansett Aviation Asia's A320 Level D Simulator was newly installed in 2016 and is qualified to EASA, CAA Taiwan, CASA, CAAV Vietnam and SSCA Cambodia. It features the latest Rockwell Collins EP-8000 series visual system and operates an efficient and user friendly IOS-panel. Reloading are fast and video recording facilities are available on the device.

This simulator runs on a 20 hour day starting at 0700-1100, 1100-1500, 1500-1900, and 1900-2300. We also offer Fixed Based Simulator sessions upon availability. Utilization varies depending on month but day time slots are usually available.



When booking A320 simulator hours

The customer must supply the credentials of the crew and any instructor prior to the booking to authorize the use of the A320 simulator before the booking can be confirmed. In case of dry lease, the instructor requires a 45 minute safety and IOS-training prior to the first training session.



Whats included?

When booking the A320 simulator you will have access to Ansett Cafe and Lounge area, with freshly made coffee and snacks. All sessions include a 1hr access to the briefing and 1hr access to the debriefing room.





Ansett Aviation Asia

Ansett Aviation Asia is located just under 10 minutes' drive from Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan. The simulator training facility is a new aviation training centre created to support pilot and cabin crew training for Regional Asian Airlines. The facility has the capacity to house 5 Full Flight level D simulators plus a number of Flight Training Devices and a Cabin Crew Evacuation Trainer. In addition, the training centre incorporates briefing rooms, classrooms and a communal lounge cafeteria. Apartment accommodation only one minutes’ walk from the centre, is available for pilots training at the centre.


Accommodation and Location

Ansett operates a newly build one bedroom apartments across the street from the training center. We also have contracted hotels near the area which provides transportation on arrival in Taiwan as well as to and from the training center.


Simulator address:

Taiwan, Republic Of China




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