How does it work to use AviSim?


No cost

As a potential buyer of simulator training you use AviSim's Marketplace for free.


Non-binding booking requests

Any booking request together with any sub-sequent booking confirmation made through AviSim will not be binding to either you or the seller. The terms for the purchase of the simulator booking will be according to any agreement that you and the seller later agrees upon.


Compare to content, availability and price

By using our marketplace tool, we make it easier for you to find available simulators and training providers, saving you time and money.

Through AviSim's Marketplace you can make price requests and booking requests. The seller will then contact you directly for further arrangements between the two of you.


Payment and invoice

For simplicity no payments will be made through AviSim, you will be invoiced directly by the seller according to the terms that you and the seller later agrees upon.



In case you have any questions

If you have any questions regarding the offered service you can communicate directly with the seller through our platform. Alternatively you can contact us at AviSim, we are here to help.

Booking request

Find your simulator training and send a booking request.

Final arrangements and agreement

The seller will review your request and contact you directly to agree on the terms for the booking.

Confirmation & Training

When your agreements are in place you are good to go for your training.