This is AviSim

AviSim is an independent digital marketplace that offers a completely new way of buying and selling professional aviation simulator training. It's an easy-to-use, safe and dependable system which lowers costs, increases efficiency and improves communication between the buyer and the seller.

We cooperate with both civil and military customers on both airplanes and helicopters. We collaborate with simulator operators, ATOs, airlines and flight schools from all over the world.

We are based in Stockholm Sweden, providing our service globally.



Lennart Torngren
Founder & CEO

Lennart has 15 years of experience from the aviation industry, as a Boeing 737 captain, an aerospace consultant within systems engineering and, most recently, as a Project Manager for an avionic upgrade program for the Swedish military.

Karin Söderlind
Sales & Strategy

Karin is a born business developer who has had leading positions within the financial sector. She has worked for variety of banks and institutions such as Crédit Agricole, Cardif BNP Pariba and Booz Allen & Hamilton. Karin has a masters of Science in Economics & Business from the Stockholm School of Economics University.

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